20 Questions… with Maggie Jarley

Meet Maggie

3-Year Member, Senior, & Math Wiz

n839787_37914807_13931. What is your guilty pleasure?
The Disney channel. Mary Kate and Ashley.

2. What is your favorite place on the NYU campus and why?
Hmmm… the park. The Stern lounge. Upstein.

3. What are your favorite tv shows?
Lost & Gossip Girl

4. Who is your celebrity crush?
Zac Efron/David Beckham

5. What are your aspirations?
To be a Disney Princess

6. What is your favorite dance team moment?
I have too many! Nationals, Tear It Ups, and Nationals after-parties of course! Last year at camp there was a time when we were all sitting outside after dinner being really silly. Also last year’s IRHC picnic in Gould Plaza was really fun.

7. Do you have any special talents?
Does math count?

8.What do you love about NYU?
The city. Getting to be a grown up in the city but really still a college kid.

9.When is your birthday?
December 9

10. What is your major?
Actuarial Science

11. What is your favorite style of dance?

12. What are your favorite foods?

13. What is your favorite holiday and why?
Birthdays. And everyone’s birthday not just mine.

14.Why do you love to dance?
It’s a fun way to perform and still be athletic, and I love to be able to share it with other girls who like it as much as me!

15. How would your friends describe you?
High School Musical lover

16. What is your hometown?
Baton Rouge/Lexington/Las Vegas

17. What is your favorite quote?
“It came without tags!” That was my only line in all of my high school plays so I love it.

18. Who is your idol?
My mom 🙂


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