Accosted by the Dance Team…

What the…

So today as you made your way through the halls of Silver to your first class of the fall semester, or maybe as you headed to Coles for an afternoon workout, you seemed slightly distressed… Why? Because everywhere you turn, without fail, there’s a dance team flier, staring at you in the face.

We’ve taken over – or at least attempted to take over – the NYU Washington Square campus. Why? Because if you’re a dancer at NYU, we want YOU to come audition for our team in October!*

And in case you have not had the fortune (or misfortune, we’re not so sure yet) of being accosted by Dance Team fliers, don’t you worry! It’s only a matter of time ’til you are.  And in case you can’t wait… here’s one for you right now. Get excited.

info tab flier

Print it out for your roommate that dances! Or maybe for that girl across the hall you really want to hook up with. Spread the word, and we’ll love you forever.

*If you are a Tisch dance, acting, or drama major, we unfortunately and very sadly cannot accept you onto the team. We have been fighting the admistration for years about this rule, but they have begrudgingly not changed their minds. It’s lame, we know.


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