20 Questions… with Jenna Chin

Meet Jenna

2-Year Member, Sophomore, & Photo Major

n1572900134_30534628_751. What is your nickname?

2. What is your guilty pleasure?
Ben & Jerry’s Strawberry Shortcake ice cream & reckless driving

3. What is your favorite place on the NYU campus and why?
Third North Courtyard – because sh** goes down there

4. What are your favorite tv shows?
Gossip Girl, Lie to Me, Law & Order (all of them), So You Think You Can Dance, and Bones (but only because my celebrity twin is Angela.. supposedly)

5. Who is your favorite dancer or choreographer?
Danny Tidwell / Mia Michaels, Ailey

6. Who is your celebrity crush?
Hugh Jackman and Jeremy Wariner (the 400m track star)

7. What are your aspirations?
To become a fashion or war photographer, adopt a Chinese girl

8. Do you have any special talents?
Rolling my stomach (in either direction)

9. How would your friends describe you?
Not very girly (at all), easy to talk to, sarcastic, competitive

10. What do you love about NYU?
The people and connections I’ve made thus far

11. When is your birthday?
Tuesday, April 10th

12. Do you have any habits?
Playing with my bangs/phone, obsessively organizing

13. What is your major?
Photography & Imaging

14. What is your favorite style of dance?
Modern and tap

15. What are your favorite foods?
Mac & Cheese, potatoes (in every form), pasta of all types

16. What is your favorite holiday and why?
My birthday – “I’m from the 703 which means I’m kind of a big deal” (I love making a big deal over nothing)
Arbor Day – no one appreciates it so I appreciate it for the rest of the word

17. Why do you love to dance?
Because I stop thinking when I’m dancing (my mind is legit dangerous)

18. What would people be surprised to know about you?
I’m a vegetarian, but not because of animal rights.  I’m mad obsessed with video games and don’t take losing lightly.

19. What is your hometown?
Centreville, VA or Northern Virginia (same thing just broader and less hick sounding as NoVA-ers don’t like to be thought of from the south)

20. What is your favorite quote?
“Everything happens to everybody sooner or later if there is time enough.” -George Bernard Shaw
“So-called ‘global warming’ is just a secret ploy by wacko tree-huggers to make America energy independent, clean our air and water, improve the fuel efficiency of our vehicles, kick-start 21st-century industries, and make our cities safer and more livable. Don’t let them get away with it!” -Chip Giller

21. Who is your idol?
Reema Samaha and my mother


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