Tonight, 3 of our team’s members busted their balls at hot bikram yoga. That’s a whoppin’ 43% of our team right now. Woah. Now.

Get stoked, auditionees, because when 3 team members are 43% of our team, it means we’re adding a LOT of members to our team in October.. How many? ENOUGH so that 3 out of our whole team is not 43%.

But why do yoga in an inferno? Great question. The way we do things on this team… if you forget a dance, you’ll be at hot bikram torturous sweaty yoga with us. You come to practice 2 minutes late, you’re doing push-ups with Christine lying on your back. You don’t have a facial when the music is on… say your prayers – preferably to Jesus (see flier debacle in previous post).*

Think you can cut it? We know you can. Come to the Coles Club Fest tomorrow, Thursday, 9/10, anytime from 2-7 pm and say hey! (Coles is located at 181 Mercer St. on the corner of Bleecker & Mercer). We’d love to meet you & can answer any questions you may have! See you there! ❤ NYUDT

*We’re really not as mean as we sound.. though we do get the job done.
Going all out, all day, all the time.


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