A Great Turnout!

Club Fest was a huge success!

Thank you ALL for coming out today to meet us and to say hi at Club Fest! We were so excited and thrilled to see you all and to be faced with such a great turnout of NYU students interested in joining our team. We are thrilled! Tickled, even.

Seeing you all today only made us more excited for our dance season to really kickoff in October, and we can’t wait to finalize our roster for the year and get our final team for the ’09-’10 Season! (Woo!) We were very impressed with everyone’s dance backgrounds and the variety of dance with which we were presented – that’s exactly what we’re looking for to make us a well-rounded, diverse team!

Our most popular question today was: How much of a time commitment is being on the dance team? Once we told you about our practices that are held 3 days a week (Tuesday, Thursday, & Sunday from 8/8:30-11pm), you thought to yourself: Oh yea, that’s definitely doable. And you kept on listening until we also informed you of all the home men & women’s basketball games we perform at. And that’s where we felt we lost some of you. Super.

Worried after today that watching & dancing at all of these basketball games is going to sap away your social life..? Don’t be! All 7 of us on the team, and past alumni, have all called Dance Team our own mini sorority at NYU that just happens to dance together. We are one big family (definitely with room for more!) and after you get over the nerves of performing during halftime, you start to realize just how much fun sitting, watching, and cheering during those games really is. (Not to mention a bunch of other fun things we get to do which we, unfortunately, cannot mention on this public site.)

Worried you just can’t fit it in with your schoolwork? You are more than welcome to bring your work to games. What you eventually find, however, is that with such a packed schedule, you just become a smarter, more efficient person at life. And who’s to thank for that? Dance Team.

Still not convinced? Well, let us tell you that we happen to have one of the most stylish and talented women’s basketball teams around – and we guarantee they’ll entertain. And for all you maneaters out there, we’ve got some hottie patottie’s on the men’s team, so try to stay calm.

As you may or may not have noticed, you were standing on the basketball court (albeit on gross carpet on top of the real floor) on which you may one day be performing with us on!  Our table was located on the Field House level of Coles – the home to our performance “stage” during home men & women’s basketball games.

Soo, gather in all your excitement, and we’ll see you at our Mandatory Info Session, the next step of the tryout process. It’s happening Thursday, October 1st, at 8 pm in the Quilty Conference Room on the top level of Coles.

We’re stoked. Hope you are too. Have a great weekend!



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