New section in tryouts! :)

Hello all auditionees!

We’ve just confirmed that we’ll be incorporating a special & new section on the 1st day of tryouts (Wednesday, October 14th) to help us see what you’ve got!  It is NOT mandatory – it is your choice completely as to whether you want to participate in it or not, but we hope you do!

What is it?

For now, let’s call it the “Show Us the Cool Things You Can Do” section. Immediately after we ask you all to go across the floor and show us various technique elements (basic turns & jumps), we’ll ask you to show us anything else that your heart desires that you think is awesome!

Are you really good at tumbling or gymnastics? Can you do this?
(Simply one of the best gymnastics floor routines ever done. Go Chellsie Memmel!)

We’d love to see anything you’ve got, even if it’s a handstand you can hold for 10 seconds. We’re all about making dance more acrobatic & crowd pleasing, and if you’re enthusiastic about gymnastics, we want to know!

What about turns? Are you a fab turner? Sickly flexible?
Good at tripping on steps?
Are YOU a Brittany Hine!?

That should not be legal.

Feeling like you’re not Olympic/Brittany level? Do you have any unorthodox talents?
Can you tut like this guy!?

While I know we’ve all aspired to get to his level, it is just unattainable.

Still not sure whether we want to see what you’ve got? Believe us, we want to see it. However, don’t hesitate to email us at and ask whether your trick/special talent is what we’re looking to see! We love emails, so really… don’t hesitate.

Can’t wait to see what you all can do!



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