A Tearful Goodbye…

This year we tearfully say goodbye to our beloved Head Coach, Kiersten Stein. Retiring after 9 years of coaching our team, she’s passing on the reins to Krystal Moss and to Colleen Higgins, our new Assistant Coach.


Kiersten and Krystal at Nationals 2009!

Kiersten graduated from Arizona State in 2000 and was an ASU Dance Team member. 🙂 Check out those sequins!


The ASU Dance Team! (Kiersten's all the way on the right, middle row.) Love it.

As sad as it is to lose her after she’s done so much for this team, she leaves us to go be with her beautiful family: her husband, John, and her stunning daughter, Bridget (and maybe a brother or sister for Bridget soon on the way!).  Be sure to catch them in the stands at basketball games this year.  (Even though we’ve let her retire, she’s not getting rid of us that easily!)


Bridget, John, & Kierstein... picture perfect family.

Baby Bridget.. we warned you she was adorable.

Baby Bridget.. we warned you she was adorable.

Kiersten, we love you. We miss you. The team is not the same without you.
But any chance we get, we’re sucking you back into DT life. xoxo, NYUDT


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