Senior Night

Tonight, NYU Dance Team’s 3 seniors and a fourth missing senior went out to kick off their last year at NYU. After a fun senior dinner of bonding and reminiscing, they went to go see the show which started it all: the Reality Show at NYU – one of the most hysterical musicals you’ll ever see. Some of our favorite parts? The amazing sexual positions those Tischies could get themselves into on stage; the Lil Jon moment; and last but not least, the T Rex. Fricken hysterical.

And now a shout out to our seniors: Alisha, Christine, & Maggie!

And to our 4th missing senior: a DT 3-year alum who is graduating early and becoming a real person in December. We were so happy to reconnect with our missing love: Jessica Bacques. The team is not the same without you!


(L-R) Christine, Alisha, Jessica, & Maggie at NDA Nationals 2009 in Daytona Beach, FL.!




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