An amazing dance video…

This is a video in which the University of Minnesota-Minneapolis Dance Team performs their Nationals routine from 2004. They compete in the UDA National Championship (as opposed to the NDA National Championship we compete in).  One of the main differences between the two competitions is that in UDA, you can compete with a routine just in jazz, as you’ll see here, or hip hop, etc.  Our routines for NDA, however, must be comprised of at least 30 seconds of jazz, pom, and hip hop each.

What we love about this routine is how effortless these dancers make everything look, how advanced the technique is (amazing fouettes!), and of course, how in sync all the dancers are – so that it appears as if one dancer, copied 20 times, is out there on the floor! We strive for this type of excellence in our own routines and always come back to this video for inspiration!



2 Responses to “An amazing dance video…”

  1. Colleen Says:

    I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!!! Krystal and I used this as inspiration choreographing Crazy in 07 bc this is just so awesome to watch!

  2. nyudanceteam Says:

    Completely agreed.. we also know another awesome hip hop video you two used as inspiration haha – maybe we’ll post that one soon. 🙂

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