One week till Info Session!

So, if it were up to us, we would have had tryouts at the beginning of September, but NYU makes us push them back, and so for that, we thank you all for being SO patient.  That being said, Tryouts month (aka October) is almost here!!!

How are we kicking it off?  With Info Sesh.  Here are the deets:


When: Thursday, October 1st, at 8 pm sharp (If you have class conflicts, just email us at and come as soon as you can.)

Where: The Quilty Conference Room at Coles Sports Center (181 Mercer St. @ the corner of Bleecker St.)

Why: NYU needs you to fill out some paperwork… AND we want to meet you, give you a better idea about the team (though if you’re reading this blog, you’re better off making your own assumptions), answer your questions, & solve any time conflicts face-to-face!

*Please email us if you any dire issues with making Info Session! We are very accommodating, we promise.

So excited to see you all!


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