Word to yo motherrr

New Mandatory Requirement*

We’re very sorry, all you auditionees, because we have a new mandatory requirement* to be a part of the ’09-’10 NYU Dance Team… and it’s a very important one.  We know you’re probably looking at your screen appalled, so we thought we’d give you a run-down of what some other dance teams in the world require of their hopefuls, so that we can put our meager requests into perspective.

Wanna be on Penn State‘s Dance Team? Well, you’ve got to have a $500 check ready when you sign your contract, which goes towards all team paraphernalia.  To be on the super incredible Louisville Dance Team, you just have to be one of the best dancers alive… harsh, but they’re fierce.  And to be on Tamagawa‘s Dance Team (as in Tamagawa, JAPAN), you have to be Asian.  I mean, you either have a chance or you don’t… not only harsh, but racist.  Just kidding, we love you, Tama.

Lucky for you, the NYUDT will not make you submit a $500 check when you join the team (NYU won’t let us fundraise in any way, shape, or form.. boo).  And especially after a few drinks, we tend to think we’re the best dancers alive, so that’s no sweat.. AND we’ll take ya whether you’re Asian or not, so we are NON-discriminatory.  We DO expect, however, that each one of you who makes the team comes to our first team meeting with an iPhone (if you don’t have one, get with it, people) and T-Pain’s new app, I am T-Pain, installed on it and ready to go.

We’ve decided that the winner of Nationals this year has to be a team that not only busts out the most bangin’ technique tricks but also brings something new and unusual to the performance stage.  What better way to show our talents than to use T-Pain’s Auto Tune and sing our own Nationals music track!?  Superb idea, we know. We got into NYU for a reason.

We’ll let Ellen & T-Pain take it from here and show you how it’s done.  Why?  Because we love her, and he’s ok…

Another superb Ellen clip brought to you by,

We just couldn’t resist… we love the bling. 😉

* NOTE: This is really not mandatory.  Please still tryout, even if you don’t have an iPhone.


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