Across the Floor: Jumps

We hope everyone’s enjoying their weekends and are excited for Info Session coming up this Thursday, October 1st, at 8 pm in the Coles Quilty Conference Room.  That being said, once Info Session passes, there are just about 2 weeks left until TRYOUTS (Oct. 14th-16th). Yay.

In case you’re not familiar with certain terminology we use or you want to get an idea of what we’ll be asking to see during the Technique Across the Floor, we thought we’d post some videos showing various technique elements.

These are most, if not all, of the jumps we’ll be asking you all to show us:

  1. Grand Jete/Sodasha
  2. Switch Leap
  3. Leap in second (strattle jump/side leap)
  4. Toe Touch/Russian
  5. Calypso jump

Not sure what all these are? Check it out.

1. Grand Jete/Sodasha
*NOTE: No elaborate, around the world preparation is needed. Just chasse’, step, leap. This will be in the Tryout Routine.

2. Switch Leap
*NOTE: The “step, ball change, step” this woman is referring to is a chasse’.

3. Leap in Second

4. Toe Touch
*NOTE: This is a cheerleader move. It’s considered an advanced dance trick in the “Pom” category. This will be in the Tryout Routine.

And… are you kidding? Couldn’t prevent ourselves from including this:

5. Calypso Jump
*NOTE: This jump is done with a straight front leg and bent back leg in attitude. This will be in the Tryout Routine.

Hope this was helpful!

Turns & other fun “essential” technique to come soon!

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