What’s that thing we were supposed to go to tomorrow at that place…?

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That’s what!  Try to not get sucked into the sparkle-glitter vortex above, because we have important things to say!

Info Session 2009 is happening tomorrow, Thursday, October 1st at 8 pm in the Quilty Conference Room at Coles!  Attendance is MANDATORY to be able to audition for the team!

Be so excited, because we are.

Bring a pen!

We will be giving you lots of cool, colorful documents (sorry, none of them sparkle-probably a good thing), and we’re going to need you all to fill out some forms for NYU (legal stuff, you understand).

Be on time! We will be starting at 8 pm on the dot, sharp!

Some of our girls have class and will be joining us mid-meeting, BUT look for the rest of us standing around – we’ll be the only ones dressed up formally in Coles.

Prepare questions (if you have any).  Tomorrow is the time to ask them. 🙂

And make sure you’re updated on every single blog post we’ve ever posted, because we’ll quiz you! Ha, we kid, we kid. But just tell us in passing that you think we’re witty and funny, and you’ll make the team. Ha, just kidding again. But nevertheless, bring Christine a Subway sandwich (you can check out her 20 Questions to see which one she likes), and you’ll be her favorite auditionee.  That’s probably true.

Anyway, we’ve been sitting and twiddling our thumbs in anticipation for TRYOUTS MONTH to start, and it’s finally here!  Can’t wait to see you all tomorrow! And just remember: Coles! 8pm! Quilty! Pen! DT!

free logo - http://www.sparklee.com


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