It’s finally here!

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Here are the deets:

All 3 days are mandatory: Wednesday-Friday, October 14th-16th

Wednesday: Begins at 8 pm sharp on the main basketball court in the Palladium Athletic Center. Ends at 11 pm.

The first day will start with a group warm-up. We will then begin our technique assessment by asking you to go across the floor and show us various turns & jumps, which will first be demonstrated to you by a member of the team. We will then start our “Special Tricks” section (NOT mandatory), where you are encouraged to show us anything you’d like (jumps, turn combinations, leg extensions, flexibility, gymnastics, etc.).  We will then have our First Technique Cut. Those who make the cut will be asked to stay and learn our Tryout Routine.

Thursday: (Same time & place as Wednesday: 8-11 pm)

There will be a group warm-up.  We will continue to teach you the Tryout Routine.

Friday: Your actual tryout. Begins at 8 AM sharp at Palladium.

We recommend you come to Palladium by 7:30 am (you have to warm yourself up this day). You will audition in front of judges on the main basketball court in Palladium in pairs.  Let us know if you have class conflicts.

What to Wear

Please wear tight, body-fitting clothing (no sweatpants, sweatshirts, etc.). Black jazz pants are fine.  For footwear, you cannot wear socks or dance barefoot. Jazz shoes are recommended, though ballet slippers, foot thongs, lyrical sandals, and/or dance sneakers are also allowed.
*NOTE: Our floors are basketball gym floors, and they tend to be slippery. You will be required to do turns, so sneakers are probably not best. We recommend you bring 1-2 options to the first day of Tryouts so you can see what works best.

How We Select Our Final Team

Our most popular question is: How many girls do you take each year?
It’s not based on a number but instead on a point system. We set a bar, and our judges score you when you perform Friday morning, based on each section in the Tryout Routine (jazz, pom, & hip hop). After totaling all the judges scores, whoever’s total is higher than the bar set makes the team.
We realize this is a slightly disappointing answer to some, so to give you an idea; we are looking to add 13 members to our team this year, for a total of 20 in the final team roster. HOWEVER, we will take less or more, all depending on the points system.

We are SO excited to have our last official “returners practice” this Tuesday and to finalize our team roster for the ’09-’10 Season!  Everything kicks off this Wednesday!

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P.S.  We’re sorry purple barfed all over this post.


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