15 Questions with Jessie DiMartino

Meet Jessie

She's all ready for games!

She's all ready for games!

1.      What year are you at NYU & what is your major (if you have one)?
I’m a sophomore majoring in Film and Spanish.

2.      Where are you from?
Indianapolis, IN

3.      How long have you been dancing?
On and off my whole life.

4.      What was the worst part about Tryouts?
The insanely sore muscles!

5.      What was the best part about Tryouts?
Meeting some really great girls… and getting the call of course.

6.      Do you have any special talents?
Not really… I can’t even whistle!

7.      How would your friends describe you?
Fun and goofy

8.      When is your birthday?
February 2nd (Groundhog Day)

9.      What is your favorite section in Tryouts (jazz, pom, or hip hop) & why?
I loved learning hip-hop.

10.     What is your favorite style of dance?
Probably lyrical and hip-hop.

11.     Why do you love to dance?
I grew up in an artsy family of musicians, designers, and dancers so it just seemed natural for me to start dancing. And, of course, once I started I was hooked!

12.     What would people be surprised to know about you?
I have this bizarre fear of vampires biting my neck, and I can’t go to sleep unless my head and neck are covered with my blanket. It’s weird.

13.     What is your favorite quote?
“How can you sleep at a time like this, unless the dreamer is the real you..”

14.     How did you feel when you got the phone call from the team telling you that you made the squad?
A little worried when the message started with “Unfortunately, we had to make some tough decisions…,” but so happy when I heard “AND YOU MADE THE TEAM!” :]

15.     Are you excited to have made the ’09-’10 Team!?
Of course! I can’t wait to start practices!

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