” ’cause this is THRILLER!!!!  Woo hoo!  Thriller night.. and no one’s going to save you from the beast about to strike!!! “

NYUDT excitedly joined forces with PMT Dance Studio and PTM (part time models) for our first paid gig of the season to do a surprise performance of Thriller in the Jet Blue Terminal 5 in JFK on Friday, October 30th!  Jet Blue got us to start off Halloween weekend with a big Michael Jackson-esqe kick, and we performed the entire Thriller dance (from MJ’s famous video) for a huge crowd in Terminal 5 before kicking off the Silent Disco!

Check out a clip of our Thriller performance!

What people are saying:

LOVE IT!! I love the Jet Blue terminal at JFK! I never wanted to live in an airport terminal before but I’m starting to want to live at the one in JFK…
Awesome. I’d like to see spontaneous dances break out at T5 regularly. Like it just happens to be the airport where people break out dancing sometimes.
That was a fantastic idea! Wish I was there! Jetblue is the best!
Thats awesome! JetBlue has the best ideas! That made everyone’s days there!

And here’s a clip of part of the silent disco after!  What happens when the music drops out and the party keeps going?  Check it out!  (Just a note, the silent part starts at about 1:40.  This is actually slightly hilarious… we swear there was a party going on in our ears.)  Very cool idea, Jet Blue… Let’s bring it to a Tear It Up, NYU!

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