Games start THIS weekend!

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And we are SO excited.


We're so excited: we are promoting everywhere!


Girls, what are you doing on the bleachers already? Games don't start till Sunday.. 1pm Women's, 3 pm Men's.

Come check out our two performances!  At the 1 pm halftime show during the Women’s Game, we will be performing our Captain’s Routine, choreographed by Christine & Alisha (their 3rd routine choreographed together!).  And we will be premiering our Tryout Routine during the Men’s Game, choreographed by our talented Coaches – Krystal Moss & Colleen Higgins.  Our new girls had to perform this routine in order to make the ’09-’10 Team!

We have been bumping and bruising ourselves, injuring all our groins, sweating like crazy, dancing through this stupid flu (nothing will stop us!), and, basically, working harder than we’ve ever worked so that we’re ready to put on a great halftime show!  We are better, faster, and stronger than we’ve ever been, and we want to PROVE it to you this weekend! 🙂

Also, just a shout out & thanks to Ellen Degeneres! Congrats for getting on the cover of O! Magazine AND thanks so much for celebrating with us in anticipation over the excitement of this weekend’s approaching games!


We LOVE you Ellen. 🙂

We’ll also be performing Saturday night at the One Heartland Banquet at Kimmel’s E&L Auditorium on the 4th floor.  It’s sure to be a wonderful and fun event, and we’re scheduled to go on around 9pm right after dinner!  Come check us out!

Be seein’ you this weekend,

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