ABDC Season 5

NYUDT was asked to come audition for the 5th Season of ABDC this December when the show comes to New York to audition new crews.  Whilst we never even wish to compare ourselves to some of the shows previous contestants & winners (including our absolute fav’s, the uber-talented and inspirational Jabbawockeez, along with Super Cr3w, Quest Crew, & We Are Heroes – the last best known for their superb stanky leg), the show seems to be scouting for some more diversity, and perhaps we could bring it…

We’re not quite sure how to hoof, waack, or jerk, but we’ve got a team that will WORK, some turning fouettes, & some tight black pants, and that combination could potentially take us farther than the skipping crew.

We’re almost at the 5000 mark for hits on our blog (woo!), and so we’re asking all you amazing blog hitters to give us your censored opinion:

We promise we won’t be insulted either way, haha. Thanks for checking out our blog!

We adore you all,

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