Come to the games this weekend, starting tonight!

It’s the…

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Check out this pic from the athletics site.. NYU really splurged on this one.

There are lots of games this weekend – starting tonight!  NYU is hosting a Tip-Off Tournament for both men & women’s teams, and they’re going to be a lot of fun.  We are premiering a NEW dance, and we’d love for you to come check it out!

Here’s the line-up:

  • TODAY, Friday, 11/20: The women are going up against the College of Mount St. Vincent at 6pm
  • Tomorrow, Saturday, 11/21:
    – The men are facing Skidmore College
    6/8pm – Women’s Consolation or Championship Game
    (the time TBD depending on the outcome of the game on Friday)
  • Sunday, 11/22: 1/3pm – Men’s Consolation or Championship Game (time determined by Saturday’s game)

On Friday & Sunday we are premiering our new dance choreographed by Lis Brown & Sammy Choquette!  It is a jazz, pom, & hip hop doozy, and we are all bruised and battered from it, but we love it – and we hope you will too!

On Saturday, we’re bringing back Tryouts & Captain Routine, but don’t think you’ll get bored, because this entire weekend we’re unveiling our snazzy new long-sleeve uniform tops!!!

Hopin’ to see you this weekend, -


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