Tip-Off Weekend was a TREMENDOUS success!

Update post 1 of many to come.

Check out our new uniform tops!

Cute in the front.

Check out the bling in the back!

The bling.

Aaannd, NYUDT came together and danced more like a team than ever before!  Both our coaches and our advisor, Gail, were very happy with our performances, and we hope we entertained you all in the crowd!

We retired our Tryout Routine this Saturday – it almost feels like a piece of us is gone – that dance started our season as a new team together. But what once caused us to have cardiac arrests each time we danced it is now just too easy smeezy for us!  Look how far we’ve come!

Saturday afternoon we also performed our Captain Routine again and have a up close video to show how much we’ve cleaned it up since our first nerves-filled jittery performance.  Hope you enjoy!

More to come on Sammy & Lis’ dance as soon as the goods are posted on Facebook!  Though for now, you can enjoy this blurry, yet synchronized, little baby video: Sammy & Lis’ AWESOME Dance.

Hopin’ you’re likin’ what we’re sellin’,

Glitter Words - http://www.sparklee.com


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