Ooh la la

We retired Captain’s Routine today, and our coaches felt it was the best performance of the dance so far, so we are thrilled.  Check it out!  We hope you like it!

We’ve now retired all 3 of our first routines of the season, and we’re ready to show you some new stuff!  That being said, there’s one more home double header of the fall semester this Wednesday, the 9th (women at 6pm, men at 8pm), and we have got a great little number for you, oozing with holiday spirit!  You won’t want to miss it. 😉

Also, as you can see, we debuted our brand new halter tops!

The concept... in the beginning stages of the design process.

The actual tops after Christine & Alisha personally rhinestoned each one.

Two of the best highlights of today’s game:

Random DT fan in the crowd right before we got in our beginning formation: “They’re going to say it.  They’re going to say it…!”
DT: 5, 6, 7, 8 … WORK!
Fan: Work!  Sexy!

Jenna using her phone to FINALLY figure out what the awesome “Jump Ball Song” is… it’s Da Rockwilder by Method Man & Redman, people.
If a part of you feels a little more complete, it is.

DT 4 Life,

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